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Vintage Industrial Kitchen Island

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Here’s a good example of the kind of custom work we do. Our client, who happens to be a chef, loved our Firehouse table and wanted a kitchen island and dining table in that style. After designing it in Solidworks, we got to fabrication. The height was increased to 38″ for a more comfortable standing height, and we used a larger bolt size which better fits the scale. Sitting between the two tables on top is a small back splash. We used our reclaimed boxcar oak for the top which was sealed well with a commercial clear coat. The drop in Wolf gas cooktop has a popup vent sitting behind it that pulls the exhausts below. The client wanted a toned down version of the usual aged red paint with a more flat look. We added a couple drawers, a control panel for the vent, and a lower shelf for storage and the downdraft box.

This was built in two sections, the island (with the cooktop) and the dining table section on the back part. The island is 7′ wide x 4′ deep and the dining table section is 7′ wide x 6′ deep.

It’s beyond commercial grade, it’s industrial. All of our designs can be customized and tailored to suit your needs. We’re very please with how this came out as we love making new designs, and turning clients dreams into reality! We also have a video of it here:

Wilbur Firehouse Island 1 Wilbur Firehouse Island 2 Wilbur Firehouse Island 3 Wilbur Firehouse Island 4

Vintage Industrial Kitchen Island

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We’ve had several requests for custom kitchen islands lately. And our Ellis design makes a great one. This island is a little smaller than the last two, has an aged sugar pine top, with 2 drawers, and big shelf, and 2 doors at the bottom. We added a 10″ overhang on the back side to slide a few stools there. And finally, it has our vintage reproduction locking 6″ casters which makes it easy to move around, even though it weighs around 400 lbs.

Dimensions: 3′ D x 5′ L x 37″ T
Price as pictured: $3000

Vintage Industrial Kitchen Island

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A couple months back we had a chef approach us looking for some kitchen islands. We decided to use our Ellis design. They are similar in style, and mirrored on both sides. One has 2 doors on each side, some shelving in the center, and an overhanging top to work as a bar with our Wright stools. The other has 3 drawers per side, open storage underneath, and 2 enclosed storage bays under that. Each Ellis island (funny how it came out that way) has GFCI outlets on one side with wiring routed down to the ground. These are finished with 4 heavy duty locking casters, and aged sugar pine tops. Weight is somewhere around half a ton each, ya they are heavy!