Vintage Industrial Cafe Tables

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We have a few new cafe table designs. All are industrial quality.

The Smith Commons cafe table has an adjustable or fixed height and can be made in various sizes with several top materials. Visit our product page for more info.

Smith Commons Cafe 2 copy Smith Commons Cafe


The Wednesday table was built to be more elegant. It has a fixed height for dining or bar, and can be customized to suit your needs. Visit the product page for more info.


Bistro Table no rivets Bistro Table 2

The designer was inspired to create the Trias table while wandering the streets of Paris. It blends Art Deco with modern industrial design. It is an adaptable design that can be customized to a wide range of specifications to fit your individual commercial or residential needs.  For more information, please see the Product Page.

Trias with Zen Trias Table 4


And last, but not least, is the Geo table. Vintage industrial meets modern, the Geo table is made up of 6 steel plates per section to form a hexagon. It is available in dining and bar height, with various top surfaces. Visit the product page for more info.

Tulip 1 Geo Bar Table and Zen 4

Vintage Industrial Kitchen Island

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Here’s a good example of the kind of custom work we do. Our client, who happens to be a chef, loved our Firehouse table and wanted a kitchen island and dining table in that style. After designing it in Solidworks, we got to fabrication. The height was increased to 38″ for a more comfortable standing height, and we used a larger bolt size which better fits the scale. Sitting between the two tables on top is a small back splash. We used our reclaimed boxcar oak for the top which was sealed well with a commercial clear coat. The drop in Wolf gas cooktop has a popup vent sitting behind it that pulls the exhausts below. The client wanted a toned down version of the usual aged red paint with a more flat look. We added a couple drawers, a control panel for the vent, and a lower shelf for storage and the downdraft box.

This was built in two sections, the island (with the cooktop) and the dining table section on the back part. The island is 7′ wide x 4′ deep and the dining table section is 7′ wide x 6′ deep.

It’s beyond commercial grade, it’s industrial. All of our designs can be customized and tailored to suit your needs. We’re very please with how this came out as we love making new designs, and turning clients dreams into reality! We also have a video of it here:

Wilbur Firehouse Island 1 Wilbur Firehouse Island 2 Wilbur Firehouse Island 3 Wilbur Firehouse Island 4

What’s going on at VI, we’re still busy!!

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We’ve gone through a lot of internal changes at VI in the last year. Added a new salesman, CAD designer, foreman, welders, wood workers, and I’m sure I forgot somebody. We’re beefing up the staff, hiring A team players with awesome attitudes ONLY, to handle the workload. What started out as a garage business has exploded over the last few years. Figuring out how to go from one customer a month to 100s of inquiries a week has been a challenging process.

Right now we are getting more inquiries than we can respond to. It’s a good problem to have your phone and email blow up daily, although it can drive you crazy at times. So if we haven’t gotten back to you, my apologies. We do care, but can only handle so much. VI is concentrating on our current orders while getting back to as many potential clients as we can. Right now the lead time is 8-12 weeks and it may go further. But we have open positions for an Office Manager with accounting experience, 2 Steel Workers/Fabricators, and a Wood Worker. Our employees are treated like family. Let me rephrase that, we care deeply about our employees and offer benefits like health insurance, and ownership down the road.

Our goal is to make an heirloom quality product that’ll stand the test of time, provide a high level of customer service, and do something that we’re passionate about.  I’ve got a bunch of new designs, some being made, some rolling around in my head. And we’re working on a new project making Vintage Industrial housing, so stay tuned for that.

Our new website is about ready to launch any day so check back soon…


What’s going on at Vintage Industrial

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We’re revamping our website finally! So expect that sometime next month. I’ve been updating it myself for 3 years and we’re finally getting some professional help!! My days as a web designer / furniture designer / fabricator / janitor / salesman / bookkeeper / everything are over! I’m focusing on design now which is my passion.

We’ll have a better shopping cart to easier facilitate online transactions and track orders. And it’ll look professional which is something I know we’re lacking. So stay tuned. Below are some new things in the shop…

Here’s a Bronx table we just finished this week. It has a 7′ x 40″ steel top and is a real looker. I actually like the steel top better than the wood on this design.

Our Work at the Four Seasons Restaurant Proof

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Proof just opened up in Scottsdale at the Four Seasons Troon North. We had a lot fun designing and building the pieces for them. We built 2 special tables which were modeled after an old train cart. They roll on a steel track (flush with floor) like a real train, and can be pushed together, or moved outside. One of the worn oak tops has our crank mechanism and adjusts in height. They weigh in around 550 lbs each. We also built a bunch of our fixed height swiveling Wright bar chairs.

This is a good example of what we can do with just an idea from a client.

New Stool and Locker

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Here are a couple new designs we just finished.

I’m Bored Bar Stool

This new bar stool is a little different from our norm. It has a little modernness to it which seems to go well with the vintage industrial part. As usual, it’s overbuilt. The seat is made from round tubes which is actually pretty comfy, and the back is mahogany. The rest is all aged steel including the 1″ threaded foot rest.  Below is a price estimate:

1 @ $725 each

4 @ $650 each

12 @ $625 each

24 @ $575 each


Vintage Industrial Locker

We can make this in any size/configuration that you need. The one pictured has 5 heavy duty mesh doors and measures 8′ w x 15″ d x 32″ t. It would price at $3450 as pictured.

A special customer testimonial

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We recently got this nice testimonial from another happy client:


“I am very happy I stumbled upon the website for Greg Hankerson & Vintage Industrial, LLC.  I love the piece Greg did for my New York apartment and I recommend him to anyone for his craftsmanship.”
– Alec Baldwin, Oct. 2012

Our Haunted Phoenix Warehouse

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I wanted to wish everybody a Happy Halloween!  Not many people know this, but our shop has some friendly spirits in it. The place has been around since the 40s so it has some history. We’ve named one of our residents “Henry” and to date we’ve had around 25 different unexplained events at the shop. Many have seen an old guy walking around in overalls. But he always seems to disappear after looking for him…

“The White Hair Man” By Elijah

Happened on a crisp October morning last year. I went to work as usual at Vintage Industrial. Clocked in and then shortly began to use the plasma cutter located by an entry way that lead into the other side of the building (which we didn’t occupy at the time). It had a piece of particle board shoved in it, but you could still see inside. So I started cutting….. and out of nowhere I felt this uneasy presence. I looked up towards there, and in the distance, saw a man with dark clothing and noticeably white hair! I then quickly went to the other side only to discover that no one was there! The “white hair man” was gone.  I then asked my co-workers if they had seen anyone walking around and the all said no. So in my conclusion, I’m absolutely convinced that I saw a ghost like figure on the other side of the shop on one crisp October morning.


Greg’s stories

  1. When we first moved in here, I needed to paint the bathroom.  There was no electricity in there yet so I stuck a door jamb under the door to keep it open. As I was rolling the paint on the wall, the door slammed shut. It was pitch dark in there and I opened up the door and shoved the wood door jamb in there again, this time making sure it was in there tight, and started painting again. A minute later it slammed shut again. This time I said “STOP IT HENRY!” Opened up the door, stuck a chair in front of it, and it didn’t happen again.
  2. I was in the shop (all by myself) working on my new lamp on a Saturday afternoon. I kept feeling like there was somebody behind me in the doorway. So I turned around, but there was nobody there.  Also thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye, but there was nobody there. This repeated many many times that day. Seems to be pretty common occurrence in our shop!
  3. A couple months ago, I was the last one on the shop finishing up a couple things. So I did my rounds, turned everything off, and proceeded to head to the front door to leave. I heard this crackling noise coming from around the garbage can. So I went over there to investigate. I thought maybe somebody was behind the garbage can making the sound so I was a little nervous since I was supposed to be there by myself.  As I got closer to the garbage can, the crackling got louder. The sound was seemed to be coming out of nowhere. There was nobody there, and I looked in the garbage and nothing in there was making noise. So I ran outside to see if maybe somebody was making the noise out there. Nobody was there.  Maybe it was our mischievous ghost Henry?

Ramon’s Stories

  1. I only have three encounters while working at Vintage industrial. One evening when I was working on a job I put my welding helmet down over my face to begin a weld and saw some one walk up on the other side of my table. Knowing the jokes that went around the shop to a new welder I was under the assumption that another worker was about to mess with my wire speed or something.  So rather than beginning the weld I looked up with my eyes and helmet still over my face looked right at the individual standing there with blue jeans and a black t shirt.  He was facing the west wall of the shop doing something that i couldn’t make out threw the welding lens, almost as if he didn’t know I was there, or any one else for that matter.  After a few seconds of him not leaving I reached for my helmet with my right hand and in the fraction of a second it took me to lift it with my eyes still on him there was no one there. I looked around, and to my surprise, not a single sole was around as the workers were at their stations.
  2. The second account came one evening when everyone was gone and me and a nother employee were doing overtime to rap up some unfinished business.  The back door to the shop was open and I looked up and saw some one walk in the back door at a fast pace.  I was under the impression that someone was trying to come in and take something.  As I ran to the back of the shop the other employee fallowed me and  after scowering the shop there was no one there.
  3. Maybe just a freak chance or my eyes playing tricks on me, but the third occasion was no freak accident. I was working in the back of the shop at the wood area.  The other two workers were off doing their work on the other side. I was sanding a table top and the forklift was parked behind me a considerable ways away.  I heard the horn start to honk. I turned around to see who was honking it and to my surprise there was no one there. As it still blared off for what seemed to be about a good 20 seconds, the other wood worker walked up right as the horn stopped. I looked at the other guy and said “did you hear that?” He replied to me that he had and asked me who did it saying “look theres no one there.”  We both walked over to the forklift only to confirm our suspicions. But as we did I remembered that I was looking right at the horn while it was honking and there was no hand pushing it. Coincidence? I think not on that one lol! Hope you enjoyed this as it is true.

Domonick’s Stories

  1. One day at work I came in and started a normal day not thinking anything about what might catch my eye. So here I am doing a job cutting my parts and on my right side there is a door way to the other side of the shop, which was vacant at the time. In the door way there is a piece of plywood that is placed there to block it and through a small opening. I can see to the other side. Well as I am cutting my parts see someone’s shadow walk across so I assume it is one of my co-workers. So I look through to the other side to make a loud noise to scare my co-worker but as I look, I see no one. Looked around the shop to see if anyone is on the other side and to my surprise everyone is in plain view. So I pay no mind to what I’d just seen and think to myself “I might just be losing my mind”. So back to cutting my parts and I see the shadow walk past again, so I look once again, no one is on that side of the shop. To make myself feel that I am not going crazy I begin to walk to my co-workers to tell them what I had just seen. Just as I leave my area the board that was placed in the door way had fallen on the spot where I was standing and cutting my parts so it would have fell on top of my head and may have injured me. Was that a sign, coincidence, or a message from who or whatever I had seen? You decide.
  2. On another occasion I was the first to arrive at work. So I opened up the shop to prepare for the day. I open the doors, turn on the lights and head to the bathroom to wash up. As I am in the bathroom I hear every little sound in the shop because I am the only one here and nobody has arrived yet. So here I am in the bathroom and heard someone breathing over my shoulder. I can feel the warm air on the side of my face so I think someone has came in quietly and is trying to play a prank on me. I turn around to see who it is and no one is there. Again I stand there and think that I am losing my mind, and as I stand there bewildered I feel the warm air and breathing sounds of someone as if they were trying to speak in my ear. So I get spooked and leave the bathroom. I can’t say exactly who or what that was but it wasn’t human.


Saving some Historic Hotels

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The owner of the Suns team (Sarver) is getting ready to demolish 3 historic hotels down the street from us! If anybody knows anybody that can help avert this tragedy, please let me know!

Madonna is playing across the street at the US Airways center. Maybe she’d care if anybody knows her?


Vintage Industrial’s Train Table

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Working on a fun project for the 4 Seasons. We designed and are building 2 train style tables, one that adjusts in height. And they ride in a custom track that is built into the floor, so they can be moved outside, or pushed together for parties. Stay tuned for more pictures.

This bases sports 12″ wheels that we built in-house, and should weigh around 1/2 a ton when finished.


Vintage Industrial’s Showroom

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We’re planning on opening up our first showroom next month in late October around our 3 year anniversary. With so much to do, we’ll have a soft opening to start, and a grand opening party sometime later in the year. Like our furniture, it’s going to be an original space like no other in the world, with 7000sf to work with, and a bunch of it being a private working showroom (by appointment) with our offices as part of the show. On the list to add is a conference room, restaurant setups, a dining room and chandelier, retail merchandising setups, several new designs/prototypes, jewelry, VI shirts, art, and a bunch bunch more.  Our downtown address is 45 West Buchanan Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85004.

If you haven’t already, please like our Facebook page. We have a lot of unique pictures and info posted daily there.

Below is part of our upstairs which is where my office will be.


Our Future Showroom

Some Recent Work

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Got a lot of projects going on in the shop right now, here’s a few…

Walnut 308 console and a mahogany 308 side table with 5″ spoked casters

Architects Crank Table in stock

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I had a client upgrade their Crank desk to a larger Bronx table, so we took this in trade. It’s unique, being that the top tilts, which makes it great for drawing. The 60″ x 32″ cherry top has metal trim and a pop-up paper stop to hold your work in place while tilted. And it has locking casters on the bottom. Priced at $7000 and it won’t last long.

Our work at Guy Fieri’s American Kitchen and Bar

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I’m proud to show pictures of some of the work we did for Guy Fieri’s new NYC restaurant.  Our crew worked some long hours to get this done on time.  They are slated to open this Monday in Time Square. The 16k square foot restaurant seats 500! Sim and Greg will be flying to NYC soon to visit the restaurant and get a much needed vacation! More coverage here.

The red shelf was built as a back bar and was 24′ wide x 14′ tall.

We used 3 large Ellis consoles as the base for this custom Ironworker shelving unit. It spanned 25′ wide x 14′ tall, weighed around a ton, and was fabbed in Phoenix and then shipped to NYC.

MGM Casino in Motorcity

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Earlier this year, MGM designers came to us looking for some pieces to fill their restaurant. They used our designs and website as inspiration for the space, which was very flattering. Sim and I will be heading down there later this month to see the space in person and get some pictures. The restaurant opens in late September 2012 (Motorcity MGM Casino).

We ended up building several special I Beam bar height bases which have space for beer conduit running through the center up to the top. So partons will be able to serve themselves alcohol from the table top bar taps. And I Beams have a door so they can service the conduit in the interior.