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Chrome and Copper Plating Furniture

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I had a customer ask about chroming a desk today. Wow, a chrome desk? Sounds interesting, and shiny, and I like shiny things! So I looked into pricing which was $250-$350 for a media console or desk. And they can do brushed chrome or nickel and polished chrome, nickel or COPPER! So my mind has been running, what would look good chrome or copper?! One thought is a making a media console with a polished copper frame, and chrome lower cabinet/doors and casters. Then put a butcher block top on it to make it a rolling island. Or maybe a chrome Brooklyn coffee table? A copper desk with chrome wheels? Hmm, the possiblities are endless.

This would change the style of these pieces a bit, probably more mid-century modern.

Buying American Made Industrial Furniture

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India bar stool.jpg
I was recently contacted by an Indian company asking if I was interested in buying their furniture. The minimum order was a 20 foot container load. So I took at look at their catalog and was amazed at the prices. $100 for an end table that would take me a week to make. $225 for a dresser that would take me 2 weeks to make. I thought to myself, “holy shit, I should buy a container load and sell this stuff for dirt cheap!” I could even mark it up 300-500% and probably still sell it. But after some contemplation, I realized what a stupid idea it was. Over buying imported products has taken it’s toll on this country, as well as others. Some kid in India is probably working for $1 a day to make this stuff. And it’s fairly dangerous work too. I almost cut off my pinkie the other day. And I am very careful, poorer countries are far from that in my experience. And if I was to be selling this stuff, I’d be taking jobs away from other Americans like myself. I’ve been to just about all of the local industrial style furniture shops around town and many of them are selling these imports. And it looks pretty decent, but feels cheap to me, probably because they use thinner materials. A lot of the online retailers are doing the same thing. Hudson Goods is selling a cart that has the same picture from the Indian catalog. They use reclaimed wood too, but do I care if an India made table is made using reclaimed wood?

Kind of Ironically, I ended up hiring a European immigrant to help me out. He does great work, understands me, and the money stays in this country. Hey, it stays in this state! So if you care, you might ask the store “where does this come from?” Because odds are they took off the “Made in India / Thailand / Mexico / Indonesia / China” sticker. This might be my first political post, at least on this blog.

Vintage Industrial Dining Table

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This is a new Industrial Dining Table design (Aug 2010). Prices start around $1,850, and I can customize this in many different ways.

Here are some pictures of a customer’s dining table and bench. Table measures 7.5′ x 3.5′ x 36″ tall and the bench is 61″ wide. Reminds me of a pub table I saw in London. The top is spruce with the Grandpa stain.

Royston French Industrial Desk

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This vintage inspired 1940s French work desk offers simple, clean lines enhanced with side and back stylized diagonal supports. Solid and sturdy, the desk weighs in at 150 lbs – but glides anywhere smoothly with gorgeous five spoke locking iron caster wheels.

Desk workspace is hand crafted from aged solid white oak hardwood, with cool, deep gray steel details and supports. Makes an excellent computer or writing desk for any loft or apartment.
This versatile design can be tailored to suit your style. Mix and match walnut or mahogany desk workspace, alter the size, create a console table or kitchen island, remove the wheels, remove the drawers or add more, create a rust or polished chrome-like finish – the possibilities are endless.

More info or pictures available upon request. Lead-time for custom pieces is around 2-4 weeks.
This piece is priced at $1,350. Due to size and weight, desk ships freight. East coast shipping: $375. West coast: $300.

Details: Desk dimensions are 60″ x 24″ x 30″ tall. Drawers are 13.5″ wide and offer lots of storage space.

Tip: A more economical version of this piece costs about $895 and is 4′ x 24″ x 30″ without casters or drawers.

Industrial Flat Panel Stand / Stereo TV Stand #4

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Up for sale, is this Flat Panel Stand / Stereo Stand with an African Mahogany top. Dimensions are 4′ x 20″ x 32″ tall and weight is about 180lbs. I am really happy with how it came out. The cabinet doors were slightly improved from the last design, and I went with a darker stain. Price is $1,250 + shipping, or pickup in Phoenix is free. Freight shipping to the West Coast is $280 and to the East Coast it’s $380. This is the first flat panel stand I’ve made that hasn’t been sold before it was finished. And I will have some different versions of this design available soon. (SOLD, BUT MAKING MORE)