Vintage Industrial Kitchen Island

A couple months back we had a chef approach us looking for some kitchen islands. We decided to use our Ellis design. They are similar in style, and mirrored on both sides. One has 2 doors on each side, some shelving in the center, and an overhanging top to work as a bar with our Wright stools. The other has 3 drawers per side, open storage underneath, and 2 enclosed storage bays under that. Each Ellis island (funny how it came out that way) has GFCI outlets on one side with wiring routed down to the ground. These are finished with 4 heavy duty locking casters, and aged sugar pine tops. Weight is somewhere around half a ton each, ya they are heavy!

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  • Bill Spear says:

    You have such cool furniture! I’m looking for heavy duty tables for a laboratory. Not looking for vintage but your stuff looks super solid! We need 8 tables with lockable wheels and no shelving underneath but more modern design. I’m having difficulty finding anything that seems as solid as yours. Would you have any like this?


  • Greg says:

    Hi Bill,

    Thank you, do you have a size for the tables in mind? Also what is your budget? What about tops, steel, wood?