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Welding / Plasma Torch Cart

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I got a new welder / plasma cutter a few days ago and made a rolling cart to haul it around. This was my first project using the plasma torch to cut sheet metal. It was a little scary at first, but after a while I realized it was easy and pretty safe. Plasma cuts the metal around 25,000 degrees which is like using a nuclear bomb to cut through butter. But amazingly the heat only affects a tiny area of the metal. So I didn’t catch myself on fire, or anything else nearby. Here are some pictures of the cart.

Handmade Wood Picket Fencing – Post and Rail

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After looking at all the plastic picket fencing that was available for my yard, I decided to make my own. With all the feedback I’ve gotten from my neighbors, I decided to start making these for other people. It’s designed to last a lifetime and is handmade out of high quality douglas fir. The posts are 6″ x 6″ and the rails are 4″ x 4″. The post tops are beveled and the rails sit in notches that I chisel out by hand. These can be stained or painted. I went with a natural stain to show the nice wood grain. The pictures shown are after a year of weathering and it still looks great.

The Home Depot and Lowes plastic fencing looks ok, but up close it looks like plastic. And after a while in the sun, it starts to fade and crack. And if you touch it, well you know it’s cheap plastic. The post and rail fencing that I make is solid, not temporary junk. All my neighbors are commenting how much they like my fence. You can stop by and take a look at my fencing too before you buy.

Sample Price:
46 feet of fencing would cost $1000. That includes 8 posts and 14 rails, ready to be installed. Free estimates via email or over the phone. I just measure how much fencing you need. It’s roughly $21 per foot. I can give discounts for large orders.

Installation is not available since I am not a licensed contractor. You can do it yourself, or hire a contractor. Posts are 4′ long and you need to dig a 12″ deep hole and set it concrete for a secure fit. So the posts sit 3′ high. Rail width is recommended at 6′, but can be made in other sizes. Delivery time is typically 1-2 weeks. ¬†Thanks for looking…

Iron Garden Trellis

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Constructed of rebar, this makes a great trellis for a creeping vine or ivy like Arabian Jasmine. It can be left raw to rust in the elements or painted. Various criss-cross patterns can be made to support the vines. The one pictured is using baling or farm wire at measures 8′ wide x 6′ tall. And it’s easy to install in the ground. Prices vary from $200 on up.