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2 New Vintage Industrial Dining Table Designs

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Here’s a sneak peak of a couple new designs that are almost finished. Both are heavy duty dining tables. We’re pretty happy with how they turned out. Will have finished pictures and more information soon.

Hure Dining Table with a worn oak top. The bases are crafted out of very heavy gauge steel, and are connect with a large 2″ screw.

Floyd Dining table – This base was built to support a large top. It weighs around 400 lbs, and has a great vintage patina. Most of the weight is in the solid 1 3/8″ thick steel bottom which makes it stable for big tops, or an elephant or two.

Crank Dining Table and Wright Chairs

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Here’s a variation of the Crank desk in dining table size built to seat 10. It adjusts from 30″ – 40″ in height and the 2″ steel top is 90″ x 38″. We put this on locking casters which makes it pretty easy to move around considering it weighs around 500 lbs. Our Wright chairs are on the left side, and our Wright stools are on the right.

This table is priced around $5700 and the chairs vary from $355 to $495 depending on the style and quantity.

Vintage Industrial Furniture

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Just wanted to thank all of our clients, fans and supporters for everything they’ve done. Business is good here, almost out of control. We’ve gone from a couple part time people to over 10 employees in the last 6 months. Our lead time has stayed from 6-10 weeks the whole time. My cellphone is the company phone and it’s been ringing off the hook. So if I don’t return your call right away, my apologies, I’ll get back to you soon. Looks like we’ll need a secretary. All of this growth has been difficult, but the response we’ve gotten is pretty awesome. Our main client base used to be residential, but now it’s mainly commercial (we still do residential so don’t worry). I suppose the quality of our product lends itself well to the commercial market. So our products are popping up in restaurants and retail stores all over the US.

My original idea hasn’t really changed, build something that I am proud of, in America, that’s made to last and can be handed down to the next generation. Make a minimal impact on the environment. Share the profits with our employees, and donate some anonymously to charity. And put a smile on our client’s faces. I’m a big believer in Karma, what comes around, goes around.

So this week we are working hard on the fixtures for a new huge clothing brand. We are also taking the time to finish a few new table designs that I am very excited about. Might make some pub tables for Lambeau Field, meeting with some reporters, and ship out a few waiting orders. And we’re about at max capacity in our 6000 sf shop. Might have to expand again.