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NYC Cafe Table Project

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Just finished 5 cafe tables for a soon to be famous restaurant in NYC called DessertTruck. They started as a mobile dessert company selling 5 star desserts out of a truck. You may have seen them featured on the Foodnetwork during a Throwdown With Bobby Flay. Now they are trying something different and opening a restaurant on 6 Clinton street.

The tables came out very nice and are 20″ tall, wide, and high. They went with a 1.25″ thick butcher block style top and a natural patina on the steel.

Furniture In Stock

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Inspired from the French industrial era (circa 1940s), this table is constructed entirely of iron and is riveted together for a rugged industrial / retro look. It looks vintage but not beat up. The top measures 20″ x 18″ and it is 26″ tall making it ideal to use as a side table or an accent table. Includes a 10″ wide x 12″ deep drawer with iron handle. Priced at $395

Wood Finishes

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I have 2 vintage stains I work with currently. Each stain uses a multi-step process and the coloring varies some with different grain and wood. Typically I use a furniture wax to seal and give it a vintage look.

Grandpa Stain – A dark stain based on one of Carlisle’s antique reclaimed floorings. It has a look of being in service for a long time.
Maine Stain – A grayish stain designed to replicate weathered coastal wood like you would see in Maine on the beach. This stain also has some tans and reds in it.

Busy Busy Busy

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I am happy to say that I am keeping busy with orders. With 9 tables ordered in the last week, I’ll be busy for the next 2 weeks with current orders. So at the moment, new orders will take about 3-4 weeks to fulfill. Happy Holidays!