A large part of our business now is building furniture for offices, everything from Conference Tables to Filing Cabinets. Below are links to the various office categories. Keep in mind we do custom work and sizing, and┬áhave a lead time of at least 2 months, so plan ahead! And we ship everywhere…

Conference Tables

Made with pride in America, our conference tables are like no others. Built to last into the next century, yet look like they were made in the 40s, a time when craftsmen put their all into work.

20' x 5' Hure Conference Table with Data Ports


We have a growing selection of unique vintage industrial inspired desks, from mild to wild. It’s where you do you work and earn your money, why not have a desk that you can be proud of?

Adjustable Height Crank Table

Filing Cabinets

How many boring filing cabinets have you seen? Don’t they all look the same? Well we build ours like a tank, with style.

Ellis Filing Cabinet


Vintage Industrial has shelving from 2 to 25 feet wide. Sturdy storage is important, why not make it stylish and the perfect size too?

Ironworker Shelving Unit


We do seating also, take a look!

The Wright Chair