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Reclaimed Steel and Wood!

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Seems everybody is on the reclaimed bandwagon. I am all for reusing materials and recycling.  But you might question where they get their supposedly reclaimed products.  The ones I’ve used in the past have all had stories behind them. Like the mahogany that was retrieved from an old New Mexico schoolhouse built in 1918.  One vendor who seems to be copying several of my designs has that “recycled” claim and I am quite positive they are new materials.  Most recycled material comes with some sort of proof.  Just food for thought. ..


Big Thanks to the Crew at VI

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I wanted to give a big thanks to the crew at VI for a job well done! Our first install at Lamb and Flag went through without a hitch. Our crew worked lots of over time, some a double shift, to get it all done. I think I worked a triple shift last week.

We took a much needed break to celebrate and had a bowl off. Gratz to Gabe for winning the tournament! L&F is opening up the first store around December 19th in Brea, California at the Brea Mall so be sure to check it out. And there are many more stores to follow. The space is absolutely stunning, be sure to check it out, and their clothing is very cool too.

We get a couple days break, then back to work on several new big projects many new designs. We are booked up 8-12 weeks right now and are thinking of expanding the shop once again to get our lead time down some.  Might have a showroom too in the near future. And we’re going to be published in several other magazines with hopes of some national attention, and maybe a reality TV show, oh boy. Yes we’re on fire here!

lucky strike.JPG

Wood is Good

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I started off building all metal furniture. Didn’t know much about metal, and really didn’t know much about wood. But I learned, and my wife pushed me in the right direction which was to add some wood to my pieces. Below are a couple tops we did within the last week.

This one is cherry wood and 12′ 6″ long. I used to think cherry was for Gramas and Grandpas , but I love it!! Maybe I’m getting old? The color and grain is amazing. First cherry top we ever did:
photo (66).JPG

This walnut top is quite striking. The middle plank is around 18″ wide which is hard to find, and the coloration is awesome. It’s going on a Hure desk with a matching return:
photo (65).JPG

Vintage Industrial Kitchen Island

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We’ve had several requests for custom kitchen islands lately. And our Ellis design makes a great one. This island is a little smaller than the last two, has an aged sugar pine top, with 2 drawers, and big shelf, and 2 doors at the bottom. We added a 10″ overhang on the back side to slide a few stools there. And finally, it has our vintage reproduction locking 6″ casters which makes it easy to move around, even though it weighs around 400 lbs.

Dimensions: 3′ D x 5′ L x 37″ T
Price as pictured: $3000

Vintage Pasco Wooden Industrial Gear Molds

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Standing at 54″ tall and weighing 75 lbs, our wooden gear makes for a spectacular decoration. This is a reproduction gear mold, and they are getting harder and harder to find. Back in the day, they would first make these large gears out of wood. Then they’d do a sand casting from it, and pour in molten metal to make a metal gear.

We can also make these in just about any size, finish, or color. Upcharge for custom gears. You can buy it here: Wooden Gear Mold

orange gear vintage industrial 2 (1)

Orange Wooden Gear Hub


I also have an amazing set of original vintage Pasco wooden gear molds for sale. The paint and colors are amazing. They used these molds to build giant steel gears back in the mid 1900s. Would be perfect for a loft, restaurant, or retail space.

They are close to identical and the left one is 14″ x 53″ and the right 15″ x 53″. These are on sale for $6000 for the set. These are probably the only ones in existence like this.