Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

By February 9, 2012 about me No Comments

Every week I get calls and emails from people in a rush. At the moment we have an 8-12 week lead time for furniture, 2-4 weeks for casters. We’re busy which is good! If we weren’t, I’d have people sitting around doing nothing and that means layoffs or going out of business. I think America has gotten used to getting everything now, aka instant gratification. I know I have. The other day I waited for food at a restaurant for 45 minutes which seemed absurd at the moment.

I went to Ethan Allen recently. I’ve always loved their products and had a bedroom set from them for 25 years. Sold it for a pretty penny about 10 years ago!  But they have the same lead time we do.  They build to order, and do it in America and that is awesome! Almost everything I do is custom in some way so I can’t keep stock as everybody wants it “their way” as Burger King would say. With some large orders on the horizon, we’re going to be expanding the shop soon, once again. I’m considering taking on investors to help this business take off faster. My parter / wife Sim and I have at least 30 more products we want to bring to life, everything from art to garden to kitchen to lighting. But we have no time at the moment as we’re fulfilling orders.  Eventually we’re looking to make this a lifestyle brand. It’ll happen, we just need to be patient. Ralph Lauren and Martha Stewart didn’t happen over night…


Ellis dresser that we’re working on