Vintage Industrial Louie Cafe Table

Last week I had an idea for a new restaurant cafe table. I started with a solid steel 2″ screw for the base. It pierces through the table top and has a 3″ nut which makes a very interesting focal point. This was designed as a fairly economical commercial quality table that would last forever, and catch people’s interest.

This table can of course be customized: A round and or wood top would soften the look, painted, chromed, brass or copper plated, use two bases to support a larger top, make it side or coffee table size, etc.

Priced around $1095, quantity discounts available. These are built to order and there is a lead time.

photo (6).JPG

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  • Ted says:

    Nice design, but the leg ends need to be closed up for safety — someone can catch a toe in sandles and/or cut themselves as it is.

  • garagecat says:

    Very cool as usual. You must have a bunch of 2″ round stock. Do you thread your own or purchase it threaded?

  • Greg says:

    Thanks, the one pictured is the prototype. I like the look of the holes in the legs but they’ll be capped.

  • Dana says:

    Hi Greg,
    I came upon your website while searching for industrial style kitchen tables. Your work is great, creative and unusual.
    There are 2 tables that interest me. Cafe table and the adjustable height table. Would it be possible to have a steel top on the adjustable table instead of wood?
    What would the cost be of a 24″ and 30″ square in both styles? Is there a photo of the cafe table with legs capped? I really like the look of them open.