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I keep getting calls about the caster wheels I use, people are asking where I get them. When I first started this business, I was doing the same thing which was trying to source old or antique caster wheels for my projects. I did find a couple on Ebay, but they were very expensive or not a full set. So I decided to buy new casters and distress them through various processes I discovered. And recently, I decided to start selling the casters I use on my furniture. My stock changes all the time, but I can get (or have) 4″, 5″, 6″, and 8″ casters.
I have a set of 5″ swivel casters for $180 + $20 shipping. They use a 3/4″ threaded stem, have upper and lower ball bearings, are rated to 300 lbs each, and are 6″ in total height. The wheels are made of cast iron and have a flat black paint job. The frame of the casters has a weathered patina with some light rust. These are brand new, just distressed by me. Below is a picture of the set and a desk that uses the same wheels. I stock these casters with brakes or locks. Feel free to contact me so I can check my stock here: Contact Form

Below is a set of heavy duty industrial 6″ cast iron caster wheels. The swiveling wheels are 2″ wide and are rated to 900 lbs each. They also have a weathered patina on the steel with small amounts of rust. These are brand new distressed casters. Weight is about 8 lbs each! Set of 4 is $160 + $30 shipping.

Below is a picture of a 6″ swiveling caster with brake ($45 each), 8″ rigid caster ($50 each), 4″ swiveling ($30 each), and a 6″ rigid caster ($35 each). All of these are heavy duty, and very heavy. My stock varies so contact me if you are interested. 602-322-1111, or use my Contact Form.
vintage caster assortment4.jpg
2.5 inch caster with steel wheel – $100/set of 4
2.5 inch casters.jpg

3 inch caster set, 2 with brakes, great antique caster look – $100/set of 4
3 inch caster2.jpg
4 inch threaded caster set with brakes – $100/set of 4
4 inch caster2.jpg
5 inch threaded caster with brake – $120/set of 4
5 inch S caster2.jpg

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  • Doron Silverman says:


    I would like to purchase a set of casters. Can someone please e-mail me to let me know how.



  • Greg says:

    Doron, I added a Buy It Now button so you can pay via Paypal now.

  • Sara Malone says:

    Hey working on a project and need a total of 8 casters….is that possible or do you only have 4?

    Will probably need 4 more of the big ones for some interior barn doors too!

  • Iro Pappa says:

    I would like to ask you if you send casters in Greece (Athens) and the shipping cost. I’m interested in a four piece set.
    Thank you a lot in advance

  • katie says:


    Can you tell me how much your 6″ caster wheels are? I would need 4 of them.


  • Kobus Nienaber says:

    Good Morning.

    I’m from South Africa and would like import some castors. If possible,can you export some castors to South Africa and i know that will be expensive but i love the old fashioned castors.

    Have a nice day

    Kobus from South Africa.

  • Greg says:

    Hi Kobus,

    Yes I can ship them there. Let me know what model number and the quantity and I can get you a price.

  • carol says:

    I am needing 4 caster wheels to place on the bottom of an old wood trunk. I am not sure what type of mounting I would need. THe trunk is 60″ long and 24″ tall, 24″ deep. I was thinking a 5″ wheel would be appropriate? Please give me your input on the type of mounting I need and size.
    THank you

  • carol says:

    I am in a time crunch – would the caster wheels be sent out immediately or is there a waiting period?