Barns and Barn Wood

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The first shipment of barn wood I received came from 3 barns in Arizona. They all have an interesting story so take a look below for some history:

The red barn wood is from Wickenburg, AZ circa 1907, it was basically a small shed that, over the years, turned into a small horse barn and lean too. The owner said that the last red paint job was done in 1957. It was taken down in March of 2008.

The second barn is from Chino Valley, AZ. circa 1897, it was on a homestead property that had been sold to a mobile home dealer. We did not get to talk to the original owners, but through word of mouth we found out that it was first homesteaded to the Smith family somewhere around the mid 1800’s. When it was tore down (Oct. 2007) we figured the barn to be 110 years old.

The third barn which was called 36,000 Sunrises, had gray and/or black and brown with orange and gold tints to the wood. This barn came from another homestead situated on Mormon Lake just outside of Flagstaff, AZ. It was was built in 1906 and was tore down in November of 2007.