About Me and My Designs

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My Story:
Recently my wife said she needed a table for the 2 chairs she got for her birthday. Sitting at a desk all day, I missed working with my hands, so I got to work. My wife liked what I made (she has impeccable taste), but I knew I could improve on it. So I made another table for our backyard. Then after visiting several shabby chic furniture stores, and 100s of similar vintage websites, I came up with some designs that I really love. Each piece I’ve made is an improvement on the last design.

My Style:
I prefer designs with an industrial flair. Especially the mid-century French industrial era. My wife calls it industrial cottage. It may look like a vintage piece from Maine or Europe. I do love the east coast look which you don’t see much here in Phoenix. My style is evolving with each piece I make.

The Furniture:
I craft every furniture piece by hand and each is unique.  Some of the pieces use reclaimed barn wood or metal, and others are distressed. One of my pet peeves is distressed furniture that was done poorly. So I go through a lot of effort to make my work look vintage (not old and beat up), yet keep it functional and eye catching. And it’s built to last and remain in style. As it ages and wears, it looks better.  All metal and wood is sealed unless otherwise noted.  The iron (new and recycled) was purchased at a local salvage yard here in Phoenix and all of the lumber is locally bought. Even the 100 year old barn wood is from this state.

Why Am I Doing This?:
Well I love what I do. I put my blood, sweat and tears into my work (well I haven’t cried yet at work but it’ll probably happen sometime soon). Working with iron is awesome. Maybe it’s a primal thing, but shaping metal with a hammer, heat and fire makes my day.  I tell my wife all the time that during a good day, something catches on fire. Sometimes it’s me, but that’s part of the excitement. I probably should stop wearing flip flops while welding and wear my boots. I also get to play around with various chemical reactions for the metal and wood finishes.  Maybe I sound like a kid at play, that’s how it feels to me. I was always fascinated with the old time blacksmiths when I was younger.