vintage wooden gear mold

Vintage Pasco Wooden Industrial Gear Molds

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Standing at 54″ tall and weighing 75 lbs, our wooden gear makes for a spectacular decoration. This is a reproduction gear mold, and they are getting harder and harder to find. Back in the day, they would first make these large gears out of wood. Then they’d do a sand casting from it, and pour in molten metal to make a metal gear.

We can also make these in just about any size, finish, or color. Upcharge for custom gears. You can buy it here: Wooden Gear Mold

orange gear vintage industrial 2 (1)

Orange Wooden Gear Hub


I also have an amazing set of original vintage Pasco wooden gear molds for sale. The paint and colors are amazing. They used these molds to build giant steel gears back in the mid 1900s. Would be perfect for a loft, restaurant, or retail space.

They are close to identical and the left one is 14″ x 53″ and the right 15″ x 53″. These are on sale for $6000 for the set. These are probably the only ones in existence like this.