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Vintage Industrial Ellis Sideboard with Removable Hutch

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Here is a variation of my Ellis design. It has 4 solid doors with ironwork that is riveted and bolted on, an internal shelf, 6″ cast iron casters, solid mahogany top and shelves, about 400 lbs of handmade steel and hardwood.  Ideal for a residential, or commercial setting. Built to last a lifetime and then some. This piece as pictured is priced around $3575. Without the hutch it prices around $2595.

Dimensions: 60″ L x 20″ D x 74″ T

Available in custom sizes, finishes, and can be tailored to suit your needs.

308 Mahogany Desk

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Here is a new version of the 308 series, a desk with a rare 2″ thick mahogany top. The large aged pipe base sits on old spoked casters. This piece is 60″ x 19.5″ x 30″ tall and weighs in around 225 lbs. It would also make a nice console or display table. Price $1,750
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Indian Copy of my Designs

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So today I went to Bungalow to browse and found this piece for sale. I recognized it immediately. Hey, that is MY ELLIS DESIGN. Hmm, India was my 5th largest web visitor and it’s no wonder why. They are copying my designs. And what a poor copy it was. Weighed about half as much as mine. It looked cheap and the wood was beat to hell. Casters looked bad and well, it looked like somebody crapped this copy out of their butt (to put it nicely). I was infuriated at first, wanted to punch the store owner, then the poorly paid 12 year old kid in India who lost a finger making it. But then I thought it over. The piece looks like cheap shit which is perfect for somebody who likes to buy cheap shit. Oh by the way, it was $800 more then my piece ($2195). And my customers don’t buy cheap shit so I guess it’s all good.

Unfortunately India is sending me catalogs via email with pieces they didn’t even make. I should know, I’ve seen these actual antique pieces for sale in New York. Cut and paste to your catalog, and now you built and carry it. So I watermark my pictures. I am sure some of my pictures are in these catalogs. Oh well, karma is a… Buy from overseas, fill their country’s pockets, weaken our economy, and your customer has something that falls apart soon and doesn’t look very nice. I guess I am still a little angry here, arrrrgggghhhhhh, breathhhhhhh………

Anyways, see if you can spot the copy below:

(Added 3/2/11)
Well the owner of Bungalow called me and we had a nice talk. She said she has no knowledge of that piece being a copy of my design and purchased it as a one-off from an Indian manufacturer. So they won’t be buying anymore of them since there aren’t any. Also since it was a one-off, the price was much higher than a production piece. Which makes sense to me. Now I will just take her word for this. But do I believe all of this, no comment. Only time will tell.

So I know the India manufacturers are copying me. And trademarking my work is too expensive at the moment, not to mention the cost and time of enforcing it.

So I guess the larger picture is just the US buying knockoff and super-cheap products from Asia. Maybe it’s impossible for a store owner to buy original products made in America and stay in business, I don’t know? I do my best to buy American materials when building my designs, but it’s just about impossible to stay 100% American. Am I a hypocrite? This is something I am going to have to ponder over the next few weeks. But I thank all of my fans/friends for the support over this ordeal.

Vintage Industrial I-Beam Conference Tables

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Here is a pair on French Industrial design inspired conference tables that were finished today for a client. The long one is 10′ x 42″ x 30″ tall and weighs around 1000 pounds. The round table has a 36″ top, uses a smaller base, and weighs close to 350 pounds. The bases are riveted thick gauge steel and the removable tops are aged sugar pine. Prices vary for these pieces based on size and design, but you can have one like the round one for $3,500, and the long one for $5,750. These would also work great as dining tables. Another thought is to polish them up with a glass top for a mid-century modern look.

308 Shelf

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Here is a 308 shelf I finished yesterday. It has aged sugar pine shelves instead of the usual mahogany. Dimensions are 72″ x 36″ x 12″ deep and it prices at $1,395.

Vintage Industrial Train Trestle Side Table

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Just finished a pair of these for a customer. The design is based on a european vintage piece. They are all steel, riveted together with a thick steel top and an aged rust finish. These would work well as side tables, outdoor tables, use a couple of the bases to hold a coffee or dining table top, or use as a display table for your pet elephant. These measure 22″ x 22″ x 24″ tall and weigh around 75 lbs each. I can make these in a variety of size, finishes, and use different materials for the tops. Prices are around $995 each.