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Welcome to Vintage Industrial!

We design & build to order vintage industrial style furniture of the highest quality.

Take a look  at some of our recent work below.

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Dining Tables





Console Tables






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Reproduction Casters


Coffee Tables


Side Tables


Table Bases

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TV Stands

Vintage Industrial Media Console http://shop.retro.net/?cat=45

Restaurant Furniture



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19 Responses to “Home”

  1. Love your stuff… Do you do advertizing? I know this sounds like a SPAM pitch but our radio show would love to have you as a partner. Here is our website. http://www.lifethruafacemask.com or call me at 480 560 2728

    Dennis McLaughlin
    Executive Producer Lews Crew on NBC1260
    480 560 2728

  2. kady kasperitis says:

    I am absolutely in love with your adjustable height crank table (dining). However, I am also a bartender….so… I was wondering if you make anything comparable in the $3oo0 range. I am friends with many artists and designers and will always try to bargain for things but I always draw the line at handmade pieces. I feel as if someone put hard work into their creation and it would be insulting and rude to try to negotiate the price. Actually, $3000, for me is really pushing it but your pieces are incredible!!! I have been looking for something like this for quite a while. I try to stay with products made here, in America, which makes your collection even more appealing. Please let me know if there is anything more geared to my (poor) budget!!!! Thanks a million and keep up the excellent work!!! Your furniture rocks!!!

  3. Jean Teisberg says:

    Hi. I read the article in the paper today and I thought you might be interested in my brother’s website on ancient kauri wood, http://www.theworldsoldestwood.com. Sorry, but I don’t need any furniture at this time. Jean

  4. James says:

    Amazing furniture!!! I dont want this to sound anything like an insult or smth, but they look kind of S&M to me. Which, for ME personally, is good! Keep it up, great style.

  5. Greg says:

    Thanks James, hehe, S&M? Interesting!

  6. Future Customer says:

    Hi Greg-I’ve just spent more than a half hour immersed in your wonderful creations after running across the Arizona Business Magazine article. I love your work and admire your commitment to quality, creativity, translating customers’ amorphous visions into a functional reality, and your support of local craftsmanship/jobs. This discovery has a downside, however, since I’m now fending off the deadly sins of avarice and envy. As someone who also has/is dealing with health issues, I’m inspired by your ability to create “lemonade” by letting go of “wouldas, couldas and shouldas” to follow your passion and prioritize what’s important. Clearly you and your wife are extremely talented individuals, but as a team the sum of the whole is even greater than its parts. Since you don’t have a store, have you considered holding an onsite fundraiser/event? I’ll bet there are others who would welcome a chance to visit, meet you and your team, see where/how the magic happens, and support a good cause. You would also showcase your work to a broader audience–a win/win situation. Plus, selfishly, I could satisfy my desire to see, touch and fully experience the pieces and visualize what would work best in my rather small home. Well, this is the longest and most personal fan email I’m ever likely to write, but you can credit/blame this excessive sharing on the powerful feelings your work and story evoked. Please feel free to delete since no one would choose to read this rambling “novella” when they can enjoy a concise tribute to the S&M characteristics of your furniture. You definitely have a diverse group of fans!!!!

  7. Greg says:

    Thank you very much. We are planning on having a grand opening event in October for our showroom. Stay tuned as we get closer to that month for an announcement.

  8. Hi,

    I just looked at your cite and was wondering how to go about purchasing, assuming the item is for sale. I really liked a couple of the Industrial Coffee tables, particualry No. 11. Is it for sale?


  9. Sandy says:

    I was wondering if money was what mattered most to you? (since your prices are for the rich, not middle or poor class) it seems NOBODY thinks that a married couple who’s husband served their country TWICE (will join the other men & women that have lost their job, 9/4/12..most rich haven’t or will not ever serve!), think that our people can pay $1,200 for 1 chair?! I know you will not post this as you cater to Scottsdale snobs who wouldn’t give a dime to our men & women in uniform (unless they could take it off their taxes) I would die to have a Restoration Hardware home with pieces of your collection, but that’ll never happen as people are just plum selfish & greedy, so they can’t make affordablee pieces for “us”

  10. Greg says:

    Hi Sandy,

    Our products are built to last a lifetime and they are made in America. That tends to be more expensive since we build these one at a time. I design and sell what I love, not what others are looking for. And I’ve been working 60-80 hour weeks for almost 3 years now doing so. If I sell my chairs for $100, I’ll go out of business in a couple days. This is a for profit business. I don’t have a $1200 chair by the way.

    I could fire all our employees and outsource to India and reduce my prices by 75%. Most companies are doing it. But that would go against my principles which are to build the highest quality product here in the USA. To get rich is not my goal, it’s to do what I believe in, feel fulfilled, and live a long happy life while contributing to society.

    I have the utmost respect for the service men and women of our country.


  11. Brett says:

    Just wanted to drop a line to say thank you for the beautiful items you are creating. I am in awe that artisans, such as yourselves, are still alive and well in the world. These items are simply gorgeous. Though I don’t have the money available to buy something today, please I will be saving up for a beautiful center piece when the time is right. Gorgeous stuff here guys.


  12. Greg says:

    Thank you Brett, much appreciated!

  13. Scooter Zamboni says:

    Absolutely beautiful furniture! I love how the vintage-inspired theme was modernized to adapt to the designs of today. You’re a genius!

  14. Sandie says:

    Just found your website by accident! Looking for an antique insudtrial piece as an island in my newly remodeled kitchen. My husband is a retired Marine (22years) and I was an MC groupie
    - following him all over the world whenever I could. I have saved up some money (maybe that is
    how Americans should accumulate what they want instead of instant gratification!) We are certainly not rich but your items sure hit home with us. By the way “Sandy”, my husband and
    I have some beautiful valuable things by going to auctions, yard sales, flea markets and the like. We work really hard to restore them and don’t whine about being poor…………we just
    live within our means and “DO”

  15. Greg says:

    Hi Sandie,

    Thanks for stopping by, let me know if there’s anything I can help you with.

  16. Mitch says:

    I love your work im super interested in the HURE table. Quick question is the metal left raw or do you have some type of paint that looks like metal on it to seal it?

  17. Greg says:

    Hi Mitch,

    Thanks, the base is aged and sealed.

  18. Adam says:


    You are looking at a luxury good made in the United Sates. This is a costly and time consuming process. Restoration Hardware has their stuff built overseas. A 800 pound dinning table is not a necessity, it is a work of art. You say you don’t complain, you just “Do”. You are sitting on the internet, taunting a craftsmen who has spent endless hours building and designing original pieces and building by hand. A company and creating jobs in the United States. I don’t go to a Porche dealership and get upset I can’t afford the car. It is funny you claim you don’t whine, this is all you are doing. But if it makes you happy, I’m sure he will spend twice as much time as restoration Hardware building he piece, along with 4 times the cost in Materials and charge you Ikea Prices…what was he thinking.

  19. Dave says:

    Hey Adam, I’m thinking you might want to go back and review the posts, then give it another go.

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